At Longley Condominium Services, our core business is the management of the common property of the condominiums in our portfolio.

Our real purpose is to take care of the homes of the people who live there.

We take great delight in surprising people with our personal communication style. We are not a “faceless corporation!” We are a hands-on management team who prides themselves on listening and finding solutions that work the best for all parties because we know that what we do matters…to you, your neighbours, and to your financial future.

We enjoy the satisfaction that comes from positively impacting our clients, the boards we work with, and the communities we help grow.

Whether you are a property owner, or a board member, we are your primary resource for information and support. We excel in conflict resolution, and we will help you build a profitable property by diligently and intelligently working on your behalf.

Longley Condominium Services…Bringing Community to Condominium Living.

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