I ‘hosted’ a virtual pyjama party with a group of women friends on Saturday night. I love the stories I’m hearing about people connecting online in such creative ways. It inspired me to do that, and now we’re going to have regular theme parties. Since we live in different provinces, we’ve discovered a fun way to stay in touch.

While we were talking about self-isolation and exchanging stories from our different vantage points, I commented that I couldn’t think of anything else that could literally stop people around the planet. We’re joined together in our humanity in a way we have probably never been before in the history of mankind.

Today I received a flyer in my mailbox from our community association. The community centre is closed, and the volunteers are looking for people in the neighbourhood who need errands run or dogs walked or their sidewalk shovelled. I’m really proud of my community.

It’s been on my mind for several days that the condominiums we manage have people of all ages living close together. It would be wonderful if all of you could reach out if you have help to offer, or if you need help. If you just need someone to talk to, call us.

We’re living in unprecedented times. And yet there’s another side to it, which is how we’re staying connected (my social life has blossomed in self-isolation) and how we’re reaching out to help each other. It’s one way to feel just a bit better.