As we brace to control this pandemic around the world and much closer to home, I will be posting regular blogs to keep you up to date on the measures we’re taking.

All scheduled Annual General Meetings are cancelled as the venues are closed until further notice. I will be staying in touch with your Board of Directors by video conference, and provided that services are available, your service requirements will still be met.

Our office has recently been relocated to a shared space in Midnapore, and they haven’t yet advised that they are closed for deliveries to Longley. I work from a home office, as does Libby McMaster, our Property Accountant. We remain available to you by phone or email.

Right now I’m working with your Board to try to anticipate how this will disrupt our lives, and taking steps to alleviate the stress for our clients as best we can.

I encourage you to visit the World Health Organization’s website: for daily updates on the virus. Resources are also available on our Canadian websites:; and

Please return to our website for new updates. Stay well!